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Welcome to my humble portfolio

Thank you for visiting! Now, you probably want to know something about me, so let me introduce myself. I am extremely well-organized 25-and-something geek with many, many areas of interest, mainly technology, space, biology, artificial intelligence and others.

My love, passion and what I do with pride is iOS programming / design / architecture, and all there is to it. I also create games just for fun. I strive to be the best at what I do and I put my heart and soul into each project, until it is perfect. I'm also avid lover of the startups, and I am currently engaged in few of my own making.

Other than that, I like cars, sports, I ride unicycle, play badminton, I like running, cycling and boxing - actually, I like so much stuff that it probably would not fit here.

I am now super busy and I can't possibly manage much more - but if you feel that I can help you, just contact me and we can discuss whatever you want.

What can you expect when working with me?


I am dreamer, and I dream big. We will go through ideas you have, find new ones, discuss all there is to it, and make it happen.


I love what I do, and it really shows in my projects. I enjoy doing it. I won't rest until you are totally satisfied with results.


What I promise, I deliver - terms, quality, well thought out product. I am open to all the challenges and it is what drives me forward.

Tons of fun!

Why is it that people take business so seriously? When you enjoy something, you can be good at it and still have ton of fun! And when we are done, I'll invite you for a beer.

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- Education -

  • Universitas Ostravensis

    Bachelor of Science


    Focus on technology and informatics. Mostly project-driven school, it gave me some valuable advices and knowledge of many fields of modern technology.

  • High School of Electronics



    Helped me get deep understanding of HW a SW. And it gave me enough time for off-school projects. Thanks!

  • School of self-learning

    Still attending, graduation not likely

    Whole life

    No matter how good you are or how prestigious schools you attended, there is always something more to learn. That's what fulfills me.

- Latest employments -

  • STRV

    Team Leader, iOS Developer

    Sep 2015 - Now

    Currently working at the biggest mobile-startup-oriented company in Czech Republic, managing the team, helping the others, building insanely cool stuff!

  • StartMonday

    Lead iOS Developer

    Apr 2014 - Sep 2015

    In the startup that I helped to start, I was responsible for whole chain of mobile app development - from concept, to architecture, to coding, testing and finally, release.

  • AppsDevTeam

    Senior iOS Developer

    2008 - 2014

    Responsibility for concept, architecture and coding of multiple projects for clients throughout the world.

  • Freelancer

    iOS, Web & Game Developer

    Whole life

    I love making side projects with only limitation being how much personal time I can invest at any given moment. I like to explore everything new and shiny.

My Key Skills

Swift & Obj-C
Conceptual Design
Mobile Architecture
Mobile UX / UI
HTML, SQL, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Cocoascript
Photoshop, InDesign



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For more than a year, I worked for one of the most progressive startups in Europe - StartMonday. Here, I was responsible for leading of the iOS development.

The main challenge of this project was definitely technology used and security needed, as you can find a lot of inovation in every corner of the app, without compromises.

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Travel through time.. and back


Going Down!

Personal project of mine and my friend that really pushed us to the limits of programming and design. It took almost year and half to complete with inhuman amount of sleepless nights. Game where you ride customizable cart down the hill, travel through time and at the and, maybe even save princess (not really, but no spoilers!)

The biggest challenge of the project is that originally, it was build for iOS3 - meaning system was still in its infancy, and it really showed across the board. Whole game runs under 20Mb of RAM, as old devices did not allowed more, which is achievement on its own.

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Fly, fly.. Die


Flap Up!

When the mania around everything-connected-with-flappy-bird started, we thought we might take the concept and do it with unique twist - instead of flying horizontally, you would fly vertically. As we discovered later, that make the game even more hard than original game, to the point where people would destroy their devices just because it was so infuriating.

Try your nerves!


Spending quality time with family

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Talking Together Kids / Junior

For one of my best friends / clients I did application that has simple, yet extremely difficult goal - to get people to talk to each other once again. Nowadays, children spend more time than ever "Glued" to tablets, television and yet the simplest form of communication is almost forgotten. The application allows parents to choose from topics that they want to discuss and tries to engage children as much as possible. It is also possible to record your children, which makes for some great memories.

While the application is not the most difficult from the technical standpoint, the content creation proved to be enormous challenge, as kids have really low attention span and it really needs to engage them a lot.

Lets start talking!


Australia prefers safety first

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Project of Australian goverment that seeks to protect people that are enjoying the most beautiful beaches of Australia. Application is connected to system of early warnings, be it weather, sharks or any other hazards. Featured by Australian Prime Minister in National News.

The biggest challenge was definitely flawless execution of the application as any problem can make difference between life and death.

Stay (Beach)Safe!


Uber / StartMonday Testimonials

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While working for StartMonday, opportunity landed for us to create Uber testimonial application, that would be then installed into iPads in uber cars in multiple countries.

The main challenge of this project was very tight schedule and deadline that couldn't be moved, while also creating something that would live up to extremely high standards that Uber follows and creates. At the end, the application was great success and it was one of the best experiences that I had - ever.


Preview bedroom before you buy it

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Caster Configurator

First commercial project that I did in Unity 3D - configurator for beds and closets. Application allows you from the comfort of your browser to configure and pre-order everything that Caster Design has to offer. Whole scene is rendered real-time, so you immediately see how the look changes with your desired configuration. Also available as iOS and Android application.

Due to sheer amount of information and models that the application provides, the biggest challenge was to make it responsive even on older devices / slow internet connection

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Quick skiing / weather information

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Winder Alps

Ever wanted to do to Alps, but got lost in the amount of possibilities that are being offered to you? This application helps you with that. From actual weather to accomodation in different resorts, to state of each ski slope, it is the ultimate guide. Also works without internet connection, which is great when you are standing on top of 4k mountain.

Lets go skiing


There is a lot of them. Contact me!

  • 40+

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